there is no roseability.

White With One – Hello Sir!

// 14th November

It’s music like a lot of other music. But they do it well. Free downloads on Triple J Unearthed. Debut EP on iTunes.

The day’s off and running without asking if I’m coming
And I’ve already fallen behind.

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Acoustic lily, Festival Lily, Classy Lily

// 18th February

I am a weapon of massive consumption
It’s not my fault, it’s how I’m programmed to function.

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Les Misérables: A Review

// 24th January

Les Misérables is a good movie. Not great I don’t think, but good. Maybe even very good. But not great.

An in-depth review:

  • All the characters are sweaty, all the time
  • Valjean (Hugh Jackman) looks more and more like a hobbit as the film progresses
  • Sacha Baron Cohen as Thénardier? Please. It should have been Jonny Depp
  • The scenes (mainly the architecture) get monotonous after a while
  • How good at everything is Helena Bonham Carter?!
  • The film part failed to back up the musical part is a few places. It left me with no empathy for the characters. I didn’t feel Valjean’s internal contradictions, or his attachment to Cosette. I didn’t feel Javert’s moral duty struggle against his civil duty. Éponine’s pain on the other hand, drew me in.

It’s worth seeing, but as usual, the book is better.

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Here’s My Number, Call Me Maybe

// 5th October

Ever feel like you’re holding in
The old you that was young and then
Crazy demands, like, every day
Then you’re turning in early on the weekend?
Seems like you’re losing what
You told yourself you would never give up.

Summer is coming.

In summer you can even get away with white men rapping.

The women and the weather both are hotter than Hades.

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