there is no roseability.

Everyone Else

// 4th June

A cracking good tune, from almost a decade ago. It’s worth mentioning, in these strange days, that this kind of song ought not to be the basis for a philosophy of life.

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White With One – Hello Sir!

// 14th November

It’s music like a lot of other music. But they do it well. Free downloads on Triple J Unearthed. Debut EP on iTunes.

The day’s off and running without asking if I’m coming
And I’ve already fallen behind.

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Acoustic lily, Festival Lily, Classy Lily

// 18th February

I am a weapon of massive consumption
It’s not my fault, it’s how I’m programmed to function.

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Les Misérables: A Review

// 24th January

Les Misérables is a good movie. Not great I don’t think, but good. Maybe even very good. But not great.

An in-depth review:

  • All the characters are sweaty, all the time
  • Valjean (Hugh Jackman) looks more and more like a hobbit as the film progresses
  • Sacha Baron Cohen as Thénardier? Please. It should have been Jonny Depp
  • The scenes (mainly the architecture) get monotonous after a while
  • How good at everything is Helena Bonham Carter?!
  • The film part failed to back up the musical part is a few places. It left me with no empathy for the characters. I didn’t feel Valjean’s internal contradictions, or his attachment to Cosette. I didn’t feel Javert’s moral duty struggle against his civil duty. Éponine’s pain on the other hand, drew me in.

It’s worth seeing, but as usual, the book is better.

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