there is no roseability.

The Blues is Number One

// 12th August

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Winter is for Kierkegaard

// 3rd March

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She Wakes Me Up Daily, Don’t Need No Starbucks

// 21st August

The Good Old Days.

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Primary Usr

// 7th August

I’ve heard a lot about these types of scam calls, but until today I never had the pleasure of getting one myself.

This is as close to word-for-word as I remember. I was surprised he gave up so easily.

[Man with strong Indian accent]: Hello Sir, there is something I am calling you about.
[tristan]: Hello? Yes?
Hello Sir, are you the primary user of your computer?
Well Sir I am calling because over the last few weeks when you try to access the Internet online, your computer has been sending error reports and mistake reports to the Windows server–do you know anything about that?
Well, that’s impossible because I don’t use Windows. Nice try though!